Quicken Canada Helps Organize Home And Business Finances

Keeping track of personal finances is very important because doing so means having a physical picture of your financial data. You can figure out where you need to make improvements, what your investments are looking like, how your home business is doing financially, and so much more.

Through Quicken 2013, individuals can do the aforementioned tasks and so much more. This version of the software has come with a number of changes to the software, making it a much better tool. Users can get a quick overview of their finances, find tax deductions for their business, and find opportunities to save even more money throughout the year. This makes it a much better budgeting too so that it is easier to set goals and have better control over finances. The software also offers better flexibility in how the most urgent accounts and non-urgent accounts are viewed. It is now possible to indicate if an account is closed or not so that closed accounts can be hidden and separated from active accounts. Specific transactions can also be found through the search function rather than having to search through a list of transactions to find what you are looking for.

Cash Manager

The Cash Manager simplifies saving money and setting financial goals by paying bills and tracking spending. This home budget software makes budgeting daily finances easier with a number of helpful features that include a budgeting tool that has been redesigned to make goal setting easier, Windows 8 support, more flexibility in how hidden accounts are viewed, and the search feature.

With this tool, you can see how much money is left after paying the bills through a cash flow graph. This gives a physical view of what is being spent and how much can be saved. The customizable register display also makes it easy to see financial information the way that you want it seen.

Lastly, the Cash manager makes it easy to remember to pay the bills. This can help avoid late fees and penalties that could cost even more. The fact that bank account transactions can be downloaded directly into the software makes a great difference. Once all of this information is in, more than 40 budgeting and finance reports can be created.

Home And Business

The Home and Business software gives a view of many more aspects of your finances. Whether it is home or business finances, you can see where the money is going, monitor investments, and manage the finances of a home business. All of the Cash Manager tools are available, but there are other features included. These features are: choosing the TFSA account for new investment accounts, reviewing and working with transactions from asset, spending, and liability accounts through the All Transactions Register, generating a bond maturity report, creating a graph that shows how much money is left after upcoming income and expenses, and Investment Transactions that shows the subtotal of shares.

It is also possible for users to track their federal and provincial taxes. With tax deductions sometimes being hard to identify, the software makes finding the right tax deductions much easier.

In addition, data can be more organized with the ability to download transaction from major financial institutions in Canada. This makes it simpler to manage both home and home business financial data. For the business, estimates, invoices, and payments can be organized in a way that a total financial picture can be generated. This helps the business understand which financial decisions may be the right ones and which ones may not be. The Business Income and Expense report can show which projects are profitable and which ones aren't. This allows for better control of business finances.


The Home and Business software also has a focus on managing investments. Stock updates can be received every 15 minutes, daily stock and mutual fund prices can be downloaded daily, net worth can be calculated, quarterly statements can be reconciled, and investments can be compared to market indices.

In order to be a successful investor, it is important to keep track of investments. Even if you have a broker managing your investment accounts, you can keep track yourself so you can make specific decisions regarding your portfolio. Keeping track of your investments can be the difference between average returns and excellent returns.


There is also the ability to create customized saving and retirement plans. Because it is important to plan for the future, the ability to manage savings and retirement accounts helps plan for a better future. This also ties into the investment management since investment accounts can play a significant role in retirement. Because economic downfalls can play into how well a person retires, keeping track of the gains and losses that occur with economic fluctuations can also help you plan for what to do when the economy makes a downturn that could affect your investments.

Financial Organization

The important aspect of Quicken is the financial organization that it promotes. By being better organized financially when it comes to personal finances and business finances, all aspects of your financial life can be better. Quicken makes it easy to see finances at a glance by simply opening the program and it showing you the most important elements you need to see for the day. There is no having to do in-depth searches of the software to find the information you need and it is very user friendly.

Final Word

When in need of better financial organization, Quicken has created the Cash Manager and Home and Business programs to fit the specific needs of individuals needing to keep better track of their finances. Through better financial tracking, you know what changes need to made and what changes do not need to be made so that financial comfort can be had.

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