MBNA Trueline MasterCard Review

It's important to find the right credit card. Whether you plan on staying within Canada or using it around the globe, the MBNA Trueline MasterCard provides you with a number of benefits. The card is easy to apply for and provides you with a lot of buying power.

Purchase Anywhere Around the Globe

The MasterCard logo ensures you have the buying power to purchase anywhere you want to purchase. Use the card online at millions of merchants. Make travel reservations over the phone. Use the card at different stores around town and around the globe. You can even use the MasterCard to fuel up at gas stations. If you ever need cash, just use the provided PIN number to visit an ATM machine for a cash advance.

Since you can make purchases anywhere, you have the convenience of doing all of your shopping with a single card. It's a safer way to make purchases than with cash. If you ever lose your card, you're able to make a call to customer service and have your card replaced. Whether you're in Canada or anywhere else around the globe, your card can be shipped to you. This way you are never without an ability to buy what you need.

Platinum Benefits Included in the Card

When you choose this card, you get a number of benefits beyond just being able to purchase around the globe. The more you use the card, the more benefits you're able to take advantage of. This includes such things as:

  • Purchase Assurance
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Travel Protection
  • Extended warranty benefits
  • Online account management

You need to use a credit card to purchase a number of different things. When you purchase with this card, you get purchase assurance on everything that you buy. Should something be lost, stolen or damaged, you may be able to recoup your costs by contacting customer service. This ensures that all the money you spend is well worth it.

Insurance coverage is also very important. You could pay hundreds of dollars in travel insurance when you go anywhere – or you could choose the right credit card. When you book travel on this card, you are protected for accidental death and dismemberment, rental car protection and much more. In the event of any accident, you just call customer service and they will take care of everything. This is a complementary service as a cardholder.

Travel protection is also included. Travel can be unpredictable. In regards to your flight, your hotel and various other travel plans, things can be canceled. When you book your travel plans using this card, you have a certain amount of protection. Use customer service for ticket replacement, pre-trip assistance and even legal assistance in foreign countries should you encounter problems.

With all purchases, you get an extended warranty. Your items will last longer with a longer than manufacturer warranty. When you buy something, you expect it to last. Now with the right card in your wallet, it will. If it doesn't, a call to customer service will result in a refund to your card or a replacement of the item.

Managing your credit card is also important. With online account management, you get 24/7 access to your account. A username and password will be created for you. Then you can log on anywhere there's an internet connection to find out what's going on with your account. You can download statements and make payments on your account. You can look up your account balance and your available credit. It's possible to view past transactions and dispute unauthorized charges on your account. Should you have questions on your account, you can ask questions to customer service via the portal.

Using a credit card should come with a lot of benefits. It helps set one card apart from the rest. With this card, you are able to get benefits in a number of categories, making it a very versatile card for your wallet. The ability to purchase anywhere Visa is accepted makes it convenient. The additional features help you get your money's worth on a daily basis.

Final Word

You need a card that is easy to use. The Trueline MasterCard is easy to apply for and easier to use on a daily basis. With online account management and countless other features, it's the only credit card you need in your wallet.


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