Capital One Fusion Platinum MasterCard Review

When you are searching for a card that rewards you for your credit score, the Fusion Platinum MasterCard is a great choice. You get a low interest rate and the ability to earn miles for every purchase you make, along with a number of other features.

There are a number of features to the Fusion Platinum card. Between the reward miles, the low interest rate and the perks of MasterCard, the card offers much for those with a high credit score.

Why Choose Fusion Platinum

There are a lot of credit cards out there, however so many of them have annual fees and high interest rates. It's hard to save money and pay down debt when your money is being paid to the bank. The Fusion card by Capital One is different. It rewards you if you have a high credit score.

Understanding The Reward Miles

  • Earn points per dollar
  • Redeem in multiple ways
  • No expiration

You will earn reward miles for every dollar that you spend. The more you spend, the more you earn. You can set up a lot of your regular monthly payments on your Fusion MasterCard and be able to earn reward miles for all of them. You can also make transfers from other credit cards with higher interest rates in order to get more miles plus the ability to pay debt down faster.

You can redeem miles in a number of ways. The miles can be turned into cash to spend however you wish. Just tell the credit card company if you want the money in a check mailed to your house or applied to your monthly statement as a credit. You can also have the rewards turned into gift cards from some of the top retailers around the country. You can then choose if you want to turn it into a gift or treat yourself to something special. You can also redeem your rewards for travel. Hotels, rental cars and flights can be free when you save up your miles for something special.

There is no expiration to your miles. Shop until you drop and you will continue to earn miles without any max out and no expiration. This way they are ready to use when you are ready for them.

Other Perks Of Owning The Card

  • Online account management
  • Zero liability protection
  • Purchase assurance
  • Travel assistance

You will be able to manage your account online. The days of calling customer service to listen to pre-recorded messages are over. You can log onto your account 24/7 and find out what your balance is and what your past purchases were. You can find out your available credit, view your statement or download it to your computer. You can contact customer service with a question and also pay your bill. This makes account management very simple.

Zero liability protection ensures that you are not responsible for charges made to your account if your card has been lost of stolen. There is also a feature with MasterCard that they will replace your card as quickly as possible if you are out of town, out of state or even out of the country so that you are never without a payment method.

When you charge most items to your Capital One credit card, your items are protected for 120 days against loss, theft or accidental damage. This way you can purchase anything you wish without worrying that it is not protected.

You will also have a number of travel assistance items. When you book your full tickets on your card, you will have travel insurance coverage against accidents for you, your spouse and any dependents traveling with you. When you rent a car, don't worry about collision damage waiver because it is taken care of for you by Capital One. In addition, there is a baggage delay coverage. You will be reimbursed a flat fee for up to three days that your baggage does not make it to your destination so that you can purchase some of your essential items.

Final Word

You can start earning miles and enjoying the other benefits right away. You just need to apply online and find out within minutes if you have been approved. It is that easy – all brought to you by Capital One.

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