Enjoy Freedom With The Last Minute Club MasterCard

It can be difficult at times to find a good travel rewards credit card, especially one that does not have an annual fee. The Last Minute Club MasterCard is a card that has no annual fee, as well as a number of travel benefits and reward opportunities that make it a competitive card to have.

MBNA, the issuer of the Last Minute Club MasterCard, gives a number of reasons as to why it is important to join the Last Minute Club. One reason is the low travel prices. The second is that the card can help you get a free classic membership with the Last Minute Club and allows you to earn points that can be applied toward free travel. Last Minute Club members also receive a certain percentage off of admittance to Plaza premium Lounges with savings from Park 'N Fly to save even more money.

If you join the Last Minute Club, you can also upgrade to premium membership to receive even more rewards. With both the membership and the card working together, you can go on the trip of your dreams and save a great deal of money.

Card Features

The card features can result in savings. How much you save depends on how you use it. First, there is no annual fee, which means all of the benefits the card has to offer are acquired for free. This card also has a very low annual interest rate on balance transfers. What this means is that you can save a great deal of money on interest by transferring the balance from a high interest card to this card.

To make this interest rate even lower, there is an introductory rate for the first six months of the account or for a period specified by the credit card company that covers balance transfers and access cheques and deposits.

Furthermore, there is a rather generous credit limit. Cardholders can receive a maximum that is tens of thousands of dollars, depending on creditworthiness and income. Of course, credit limits can be increased over time with a satisfactory account history. This means more travel possibilities and more opportunities to earn points toward the redemption of free travel.

If you will be traveling abroad, the card is accepted internationally at millions of locations. This helps you protect your interests by not having to carry cash. If you carry cash, you run the risk of losing it and never getting it back. When you carry your card, you can have the card replaced if it is lost or stolen, which means not losing your funds. This is especially important when you are away from home.


Security is another aspect of this card that is very beneficial. The around-the-clock fraud protection helps prevent fraudulent activity. How this works is the company monitors the card for suspicious activity. If the card is used in a way that is not consistent with your usage habits or there is activity that suggests it is being used fraudulently, then the account is automatically frozen. You can lift this freeze by notifying the credit card company. However, you can rest assured that you are being watched after.

As for flags that indicate fraudulent activity on the card, the card being used in two locations in an unreasonable amount of time is one. If you use the card at a gas station in Toronto and then the card number is used at a location in Edmonton, then that suggests someone may have gotten hold of your credit card number or your identity. To prevent further charges, the company will freeze the account and this information can be used to find the person responsible for the card or card number theft.


Of course, the most significant perk lies in the travel. There are many travel benefits that are a part of the Last Minute Club membership. As stated before, you are able to take advantage of a number of allowances just for being a member. As for the card itself, you earn points for the money you spend on eligible purchases. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them toward your domestic and international trips, as well as cruises and more. You can save a great deal of money this way. Even after making your first eligible purchase, you earn bonus points that can get you started toward earning the points you need to take your dream vacation.

In addition, you are able to use all of the benefits that your Last Minute Club membership will give you. If you want more benefits, you can upgrade to a platinum membership. When booking travel, you can do so through the Last Minute Club website and pay for your travel with your card.

Another benefit is the easy of managing your account. You can access your account online so you may view your balance, available credit, make payments, check your point balance, and view your transactions. The ability to view the online means reviewing the account for yourself and doing so in your own time in the privacy of your home. If you need to talk to customer service, they are available 24 hours a day so you can take care of matters when it is convenient for you.


With the card having no annual fee, there is no cost outside of the Annual Interest Rate and the fees to perform specific transactions such as balance transfers, cash advances, and wire transfers. Of course there are account fees when certain actions occur on the account. These account fees include the over the limit fee, returned access cheque fee, extra statement fee, and the such. It should also be noted that balance transfers, access cheques and deposits, and cash advances have their own annual interest rates as well. If a late payment is made, there is a default rate that stands until 12 consecutive on-time payments are made on the account.


Overall, the Last Minute Club MasterCard is a card that is designed for the traveler with its exclusive traveler benefits, club membership, and the low rates that make the card affordable. When you are in need of a card that will make travel cheaper and more convenient, this card will do that for you.

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