- No annual fee card
- 1 Scotia Rewards point for every $2 you spend
- Use your points to purchase travel online or over the phone through our full-service travel agency. Or book your own travel using your card and go online to redeem points for the purchase.
- Receive discounts and other special offers on hotels, airfare, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages.
- Receive up to 25% off qualifying car rentals
- Redeem points for merchandise and other rewards
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Information - Rates - Fees

Intro APR:
Intro Period:
Annual Fee:
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Regular)
Card Type:
Instant Decision
Low Interest
Reward Card
Credit Needed:
Grace Period:
21 days*
Min Credit Line:
Late Payment Fee:
Over Limit Fee:

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:

Cash Advances

APR on Cash Advances (%):

Other Fees

Additional Fees
Foreign Currency Conversion fee: 2.5%

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The Scotiabank Rewards Visa card rewards cardholders for use, but it also emphasizes the fact that balances can be paid off to free up the available credit so it can be used again to gain more rewards. If cardholders pay off their balances during the 21-day grace period, the interest on purchases is avoided. This means a cardholder can pay off their balance every billing cycle and enjoy the entirety of their credit limit each month toward earning rewards points.

In addition to this, the card can be used for cash advances and balance transfers. There are fees associated with both and they both have annual interest rates associated with them. Practically everything you do has a fee connected with it, but you can control what you do or do not do with the card in order to control those fees. For instance, you can choose whether or not to do the cash advance, but the balance transfer may save you money because of eliminating the balance on a higher interest card.

Factor in the increased security through security tools and the fraud protection in the way of reimbursement if fraud occurs after the account has been well maintained and the card is a secure way to spend.


Most attractive:
- No annual fee
- Free rewards program
Least attractive:
- No bonus rewards

Rewards & Benefits

Reward Types:
Merchandise Rewards
Other Rewards
Travel Rewards
Universal Rewards
Reward Unit:
- 1 Scotia Rewards points for every $2 you spend
- Redeem points for any travel purchase, selected merchandise, gift cards and more
Yearly Limit:
Other Benefits:
*See terms and conditions of the card for other benefits
Online Access:

*The information provided for Scotiabank® Rewards VISA® Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Jun 6, 2017). We strongly advise visitors to review the fees, terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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