Credit Cards that Give Back

Nowadays, individuals want credit cards that actually do something for them, other than give them access to money they will have to pay back later. That is why MBNA Canada offers credit cards to individuals who are interested in earning rewards and benefits for being a loyal and appreciated cardholder. No one can argue that if a credit card offers more, more individuals will be interested in finding out what each credit card can offer.

Earn Cash Rebates

One of the great things about certain credit cards is that you can get cash rebates just for spending money on your credit card. You will actually get something out of using your card. The Premier Rewards MasterCard Credit Card offers cardholders the chance to earn points and save on everyday purchases.

If you are interested in a rewards credit card for everyday purchases, this may be the card for you. The credit card offers many rewards that benefit cardholders:

  • 1% cash rebate for every eligible purchase
  • No annual fee
  • Rewards credited to your account once a year

Once a year in January all of your cash rebates will be credited to your account. You have the option of redeeming your rewards for cash rebates or to use toward padding your account. The rebates you receive from MBNA Canada come in bulk once a year and you may be surprised to discover how much in rewards you are offered based off of your daily expenditures.

In addition with the rewards, cardholders also receive benefits free of charge such as:

  • No earning or spending limit to earn rewards
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Online access to bank account
  • Other internet related services

If you wish to have a Canadian credit card you can use on everyday purchases and earn cash rebates just for spending money, this is the card for you.

Platinum Benefits

Canadian residents with good to excellent credit looking to incur platinum benefits with their credit card may consider the Platinum Plus MasterCard Credit Card. Cardholders will also discover that the card lessens the burden of high interest rates on balance transfers, purchases, and cash advances.

The Platinum Plus MasterCard is not a rewards card, but it has many benefits cardholders will find ideal:

  • Low introductory rate
  • No annual fee
  • 24 hour fraud protection
  • Free online access to bank account
  • Other internet related services
  • Cash access at 430,000 ATMs worldwide

The benefits do not stop there. MBNA also includes additional benefits to cardholders such as:

  • Extended warranty on eligible products
  • Purchase protection for up to 90 days after purchase
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Emergency cash
  • Card replacement
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver

If you wish to take advantage of platinum benefits in addition to other benefits, the Platinum Plus MasterCard may be the card you want.

Help Save the Planet

The health of the planet plays a huge role in every single person's life, not excluding animals and nature. If you are passionate about saving the earth and taking part in ensuring the health of the planet, you can do that with something as simple as a credit card. MBNA Canada offers the Eco-Logique MasterCard Credit Card for consumers who wish to take part in saving the planet.

This eco-friendly green card has many benefits cardholders will find ideal for helping them save the planet and give back.

Cardholders can earn carbon offset points for retail purchases to offset green house gases. The card helps aide a helping hand in reducing green house gases. Points can be redeemed to purchase carbon offset points for organization who work toward alleviating green house gases.

In addition to points being earned, cardholders also receive additional benefits that include:

  • 24 hour customer service
  • 24 hour fraud protection
  • No annual fee
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Online access to credit card account
  • Other internet related services
  • Cash access at over 430,000 ATMs worldwide

Taking part in helping the planet is a big step in ensuring its future health -- aide a helping hand with the Eco-Logique MasterCard.

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