Choice Card From AMEX Puts Different Twist On Credit Cards

The Choice Card from American Express is a credit card as opposed to being one of the charge cards that American Express is known for. This is a credit card that has no annual fee and all supplementary cards on the account are free. The ability to add free supplementary cards accelerates point earnings, which increases the number of rewards that the accountholder can take advantage of.

The application process is fast and simple. After providing the required details in an online form, a decision is given rather quickly. Once this decision is made and the card is received, the first purchase nets a Welcome Bonus of Membership Rewards Points. This gives the cardholder a good start toward accumulating points so that they can be redeemed for rewards.

There is also an introductory rate that is quite low and competitive. After the introductory period, the rate increases to its normal rate. However, the rate can be higher depending on whether or not monthly payments have been made on time and American Express does reserve the right to end the introductory period if payments are not made on time. In addition to the purchase rate increasing at the end of the introductory period, the fund advance annual percentage rate tends to be higher.

There is also a small paper statement fee, but American Express gives cardholders the opportunity to enroll in Online-Only Statements in order to eliminate that fee. Enrolling in Online-Only statements reduces the odds that a paper statement will be lost in the mail and also does a great deal of good to the environment by reducing paper consumption.

How To Earn Points

Points are earned when purchase are made. Regular everyday purchases earn one point for every $2 spent. However, American Express provides cardholders with a list of merchants in which 5 can be chosen. When purchases are made with those chosen merchants, one point for every dollar spent is awarded. There is no limit to how many points can be earned and they never expire.

The card can be used for travel expenses, shopping, entertainment expenses, and much more. Every purchase qualifies for point accumulation. With no expiration or limit to the number of points that can be accumulated on the account, a cardholder can collect their points for as long as they need to in order to get the rewards that they want.

Point Redemption

Points can be redeemed for things that cardholders love, such as name brand merchandise, vacation benefits, show tickets, retail gift cards, gift certificates, and much more. The gift card redemption benefit is a significant one in that cardholders can redeem their points for $50 gift cards to shop at many well-known retailers. Cardholders may also choose to redeem points for an American Express gift card so that they can use their card anywhere American Express is accepted.

There are also dining gift cards available to choose from that can be used at many top restaurants. If gift cards aren't desired, then points can be redeemed with some of the top brands for premium merchandise.

The experiential rewards are also rather generous. Cardholders can redeem points for a single adult ticket at Cineplex or Empire Theatres. If there is a need for a night out for two, then two adult tickets can be purchased for more points. For those that like a medieval experience, there are gift cards available for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Golfers can choose gift cards to Golf Town and the sports lover has access to gift cards for Sporting Life. There is a little something for everyone.

Traveling With Points

If you like to travel, there are money saving opportunities that points can afford you. TripFlex Rewards enable you to charge your travel purchases to your credit card and then go online to redeem points that can cover the fees and taxes for those travel purchases. This results in a statement credit.

Another travel benefit is the ability to transfer points to existing hotel rewards programs. There is a minimum number of points that can be transferred.

The third benefit is the Plaza Premium Lounge Pass when flying and then gift cards can be acquired for rental cards, Hotels & Resorts, and the Flight Center.

Entertainment Benefits

Whether at home or you travel to an event, the card being used for that event can result in a number of exclusive benefits in addition to the points earned for using the card. When attending specific events, cardholders are able to enjoy Front Of The Line Advance Ticket Access. This ticket access allows for the purchase of tickets before they go on sale to the public. Tickets may also be purchased for reserved seating that is available only for American Express cardholders. This is called Reserved Ticket Access.


This is a credit card that also focuses on convenience. This convenience is achieved through providing customers with 24/7 customer service, as well as online account management. Though online account management, cardholders are able to look at their account balance, review transactions, review point balances, make payments, and much more. In addition, customer service is able to enforce the Emergency Card Replacement program, which means the card can be replaced if it is lost or stolen while at home or traveling.

American Express also makes the Fraud Guarantee available to cardholders. When a cardholder's card details are stolen and fraudulent charges are made, they may not be responsible for them. However, the customer needs to have exercised obvious diligence in protecting their card details so that this protection goes into effect.

Final Word

In all, this is a card that offers a vast number of rewards, the opportunity to earn points on every purchase, the opportunity to earn a higher point amount on purchases with certain merchants, and even entertainment perks. When combined with the reputable customer service that American Express offers, Choice Card is a credit card that is functional for the user and without an annual fee or any additional cost outside of the annual interest rate.

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