Cash Back Plus Platinum MasterCard Offer

With there being so many credit cards in the market to choose from, it makes it really difficult to decide what to opt or and what to avoid. Majority of the credit cards that are currently available in the market are based on the concept of offering rewards in terms of points which by many is seen as a huge hassle.

Trying to get the points in the first place is one and then cashing them out can take quite a long time. If you are a person that is tired of such credit cards as well, it may be time to consider the Cash Back Plus Platinum MasterCard with rewards. This particular credit card is unlike no other. There are no hassles in terms of rewards points.

The main center theme upon which this credit card has been built is the fact that the more you end up spending, the more money you will save in the price. The cashback plus platinum MasterCard is currently offering cash back of 1% on total purchases up to $10,000.

Any amount that is spent above $10,000 to $20,000 will be entitled to cash back of 1.5%. To make it even better, anyone who decides to spend more than $20,000 using the cash back plus platinum card with rewards will automatically receive cash back of 2%. The best thing about this card is that there is no hassle what so ever in terms of how many cash backs you are entitled to. There is no limit what so ever.

More Information About the Card

Unlike most rewards credit card that are quite expensive to obtain, this is the not the case with this Capital One Canada MasterCard with no hassle rewards. The annual fee for this credit card at the current moment in time is $59. This is subject to change based on the economy.

One of the best things that you will notice about this credit card is that it can practically be used anywhere across the globe. Even though this card has specifically been targeted for those that are based in Canada, it can also be used in nearly every country in the world. Seeing as this credit card is approved by MasterCard, this ensures that the card can be used in any place that accepts MasterCard's.

The cash back plus card from Capital One Canada is offering much higher credit limits than any other credit card in the market at the current moment in time. The only requirement that is needed to be eligible for this credit card is one having an excellent credit rating.

One other thing that many customers have always had an issue with in regards to credit cards is the customer service aspect. They are not able to get hold of some one when they need to sort out transactions that are relating to their account. This is where cash back plus platinum MasterCard is much different.

This particular credit card allows you to be able to redeem all your cash back amounts directly by phone and internet ensuring that you are entirely in control of everything. In the cases where you are still having difficulties, you can simply contact a customer service representative that is usually available 24/7.

Applying for the Card

If you are thinking of applying for this card, then the best place to do so would be online. Simply visit the the link at Cash Back Plus Platinum MasterCard page and follow the instructions as shown.

All you will have to do is enter your personal details as required including your credit history report. In most cases the company will be able to get hold of a report any how, however it is advised that you submit it your self as it is known to speed up the application process.

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