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There is finally a card that gives you the money that you deserve. The Cash Back Gold MasterCard by Capital One gives money back with every purchase that is made on the card. There are no caps and no limits, making it useful.

Capital One makes it easy to reap the benefits of a credit card because of their No Hassle Rewards. This means that every purchase you make goes towards giving you cash back without having to fight the credit card company to get what you have earned. There is an easy way to apply and the card can be in your hands in less than a week.

Earning Your Rewards

The Cash Back Gold MasterCard by Capital One gives you cash back on every purchase that you make. Simply by using your card on purchases that you would have bought regardless of what kind of credit card you have, now you get cash back.

There is a feature on the website to help you determine exactly how much money you could be looking at getting at the end of a year, based upon how much you purchase on the card each month. The more you spend, the more you earn, up to a percentage cash back.

The No Hassle aspect from Capital One means that you can get the money back when you want. You can get it monthly, at the end of the year, or keep letting it accumulate until you’ve reached a specific goal. When you are ready for the money, just go onto the card’s website and request the money. You choose whether it gets sent to you in a check or is deposited onto your account balance as a statement credit.

There is no cap and no expiration. The rewards keep growing until you decide to cash it in. It is up to you on all aspects of the cash back because it is a bonus to you, not something offered in the fine print of a credit card, like other companies.

It's possible to earn even more rewards by getting a card for other members of your family. There is no fee for additional cards, so when everyone is spending on the same card, more cash is earned quicker.

By Anywhere, Anytime

The card that you get is a MasterCard, which is accepted all over the world. With the inception of the internet, cash isn’t accepted. If you want to purchase online with your MasterCard, it's completely secure. There is a theft protection on the card, too, so should fraudulent charges occur on your account, you are not liable for them.

In addition to online purchases, there are merchants around the globe that take MasterCard. Whether it's a shopping mall, sending flowers or booking a hotel, it can be done very easily with one card - it's the only one you will ever need.

Should there be a time that you do need cash; the MasterCard is good at millions of ATMs around the world. You can use the card to pull out cash from your account balance for a minimal fee so that you don't miss a beat while you're on vacation, on business travel or simply out and about.

Get The Card Fast

It is possible to apply for the Cash Back Gold MasterCard right online. There is an application that will ask basic personal information, employment information and a few other details. As soon as you submit the application, your information is analyzed and you can be given acceptance in just a few minutes. As soon as you are accepted, you’ll receive your card in about a week.

Once the card arrives, you will learn about your APR, the total credit limit that you have been awarded and much more. Should you want to add additional cardholders, you can do so by going online or calling the customer service phone number. This is the same guidelines to be followed should you want to increase your credit line.

The APR and credit line are based upon your credit score at the time of the application. The higher the score, the better the two features will be.


A simple online credit application makes the card very easy to get. It's possible to start earning cash as soon as the card is in your possession. Monthly, annually, or on special occasions, you can get the cash back - it's up to you.

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