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In Canada, financial products deal with banks and how they handle your money. This can include setting up a savings account, applying for loans, taking out a mortgage, and more. There are many different solutions to managing your finances in this country that can be found at your local bank.

Checking Accounts

If you want an account where you have access to your account any time, a transactional account, or a checking account, can give you access to your funds any time you wish. These accounts are not meant for earning interest or savings. These accounts do not earn any interest and are used for money purposes. For selected offers click here.

Credit Score & Report

Creditors and lenders are not just going to hand out money without knowing the important information about you. Your credit score and your credit report are what will either give you a great interest rate or a bad interest rate. Plus, your score and your report will determine whether your application be accepted or denied. For selected offers click here.

Loan Offers

When agreeing to loans or researching loan offers, make sure you read the fine print. The fine print will tell you everything you need to know about the loan you are applying for and whether or not it is the loan for you. Know as much as possible about the lender or creditor as well. For selected offers click here.

Savings Accounts

If an individual wishes to gain monetary return on a portion of their liquid assets, they can open a savings account with a retail financial institution. These accounts are maintained by financial institutions such as banks and credit unions that will pay interest to the money in the account; however, this interest cannot be used like money. For selected offers click here.

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