Benefiting From the Choice Plus Card From American Express

Earning points and rewards with a credit card is important. The Choice Plus Card from American Express allows you to earn points with every dollar spent. You also enjoy bonus points throughout the year as well as many other perks. The annual fee is low and the benefits last as long as you have the card.

How To Earn Points

Earning points with the Choice Plus card may be one of the easiest things you've ever done. Almost everywhere you go in Canada, the American Express is going to be accepted. This gives you the opportunity to shop when and where it is convenient for you – including online and over the phone as needed.

Since you pay a small annual fee with this card, you have the opportunity to earn even more points throughout the year. It starts with welcome bonus points on your first purchase after being approved for the card. All you have to do is make a qualifying purchase within the introductory period of activating the card.

Additionally, you will earn points with every purchase you make. You can choose five places from a long list of places that American Express has pre-selected. These include stores, restaurants and more. These five places will earn you double points when you charge items there with your American Express. As for all other merchants, you will earn one point per dollar that you spend.

The points continue to accumulate from year to year – they never expire. This allows you to continue saving until you reach the redemption level that you want. There is also no limit to how many points you can earn in a calendar year. The more you purchase on your card, the more you can earn.

There is also the option of ordering supplementary cards for the family. When you have more people spending money on the card, it's even easier to add to the points you have in your account. These cards are at no additional cost to you.

How To Spend Points

Spending points is even easier than earning the points. You can allow the points to accumulate to the level you wish. With so many ways to earn the points, you might find yourself redeeming for rewards throughout the year.

You can travel with your points. There are TripFlex rewards that allow you to get free airline tickets. There are also options to transfer your points to some of the different hotel reward programs. These can then be used to get you free hotel stays in Canada and throughout the rest of the world. You can also redeem the points for gift cards to such merchants as car rental companies, hotels and resorts.

Shopping and dining opportunities are also available. You can shop through the merchandise catalog to choose from hundreds of items, including clothing and electronics. You can also redeem for gift cards at your favorite stores and restaurants in increments of $50.

Some of the points can also be redeemed for fun and entertainment. You can choose to get tickets to the movies, tickets to concerts through Ticketmaster and much more. New retailers are being added all the time, allowing you to benefit from more and more rewards.

Important Features Of The Card

There are many great features with the card. These are important because they can help you manage your finances and protect your identity. These are always available and come at no additional charge to you:

  • Fraud protection
  • Buyer's Assurance
  • Purchase Protection
  • Account management tools

There is fraud protection throughout the duration of your card. Protect your card and pin and you can get the guarantee that any fraudulent charge will be removed from your account statement. Your card is always being monitored to ensure things like this don't happen, however nothing is ever 100% safe, which is why this guarantee is available to you.

Buyer's Assurance automatically doubles any manufacture warranty on items that you purchase with your credit card. The warranty is provided up to a full year. This can save you a lot of money because you won't have to purchase the extended warranty offered by the store. It is always available and you don't have to do anything extra in order to get it.

Purchase Protection is in place to protect all of your qualifying purchases. In the event an item is accidentally damaged, destroyed or stolen, your purchase is protected. This allows you to get your money back in order to replace the item. This doesn't require anything additional on your part. You simply need to purchase the full amount of the item on your American Express.

Various account tools are provided to you as well. First, you get the financial flexibility of choosing how you want to pay for payments. You can either pay in full to avoid interest payments or pay over time and take advantage of the low APR. Second, you have online account access to know about the details of your account anywhere you are. You can log on to find out about your balance, credit availability and look up past purchases. To save paper, you can view statements online and download them to your computer. You also have the ability to pay your bill online, which saves stamps and checks. Third, there is a toll free number to contact customer service. This helps you manage your account by talking to live representatives for account inquiries, to dispute charges and even to get up-to-the-minute account details.

Final Word

You can start earning points and enjoying features quickly. The application is available online, allowing you to find out if you qualify for the Choice Plus Card from American Express in just minutes. Once you make your first purchase, the benefits begin rolling in for you.

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