Apply For The Sony Card MasterCard

You can apply for the Sony Card MasterCard and start earning Sony points immediately. With every dollar spent, Sony points are earned to be saved towards various Sony products. Other features of the card include chip & pin technology and online tools.

Sony Rewards

The Sony Rewards are set up to provide you with access to all of the latest merchandise that Sony has on the market. With every dollar that you spend, you earn at least one reward point. The more you spend on your card, the faster you earn reward points. You can save them up throughout the year and then redeem them on such merchandise as:

  • Electronics
  • Computer accessories
  • Games

You have multiple options with the Sony Rewards. You can choose to save for the item solely with points. If you find yourself short on points you can also use Sony Style to pay for the remaining amount with the Sony MasterCard.

There are various ways to earn additional Sony Points. You can earn bonus points by completing a qualifying transaction within a specified amount of time when you first receive your card. You can also earn additional points when you use your card at Sony Style to purchase various Sony merchandise and entertainment.

Chip And Pin Technology

Chip & pin technology is embedded inside of your credit card. This form of security ensures you are always the one making your purchases – not someone who accessed your card through theft. Making a transaction requires using a pin number. If the pin number doesn't match, your transaction won't go through.

Prior to chip and pin technology, credit cards would go based upon signature match-ups. Signatures can easily be forged. When you want additional security with your card, you want the pin number as opposed to a signature to provide you with the knowledge that no one can use your card if they steal it from you.

Other Sony Card Features

The Sony card isn't just about getting free merchandise with all of your purchases. There are many other reasons to apply for the card as well. These reasons include:

  • MasterCard buying power
  • Fraud protection
  • Zero liability
  • Online customer support

With MasterCard, you can make purchases around the globe. It is a widely accepted credit card, allowing you to make purchases online, over the phone and in person wherever you want. Whether you're booking travel arrangements, putting gas in your tank or buying gifts for friends, you can use your MasterCard and know that the transaction will go through.

Your card is always being monitored. Fraud happens every day because of using unsecure sites and because of those who have figured out how to bypass security. You can rest easily knowing that your information is safe. The bank will keep watch for unusual spending patterns so that your card can be shut down the moment that someone gets a hold of your account through fraudulent means.

Zero liability is in place on the card. This means that you are never liable for any purchases made on your card. If you ever notice a charge on your account that you didn't approve, call customer support. They will do the research and reverse the charges on your statement. This ensures that you are never paying for purchases that you didn't authorize.

Online customer support is of the utmost importance. You need access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to all of the information you need to manage your money effectively. Avoid overspending by checking out your account credit line. Avoid going over a personal budget by looking at your account balance. Find out what categories you spend the most in by looking at past transactions. You can even ensure you pay your bill on time every time by scheduling your payments online. The online account tools are available with a secure log-in with a unique username and password.


Applying for the Sony Card MasterCard is simple. The online application can be filled out at your convenience. Once approved, you can start earning Sony points and taking advantage of the many other features the MasterCard has for you. Buying what you need can be easy.

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