Apply For The Futura Rewards MasterCard Credit Card

You can easily apply for the Futura Rewards MasterCard Credit Card. As long as you are a Canadian resident over the age of 18, you qualify for the card. A decision can be granted in seconds, telling you if you can start enjoying the many card features.

Earning Futura Rewards

Futura Rewards are all about helping you in the future. By using this card around town, you can actually help to secure your financial future. With every dollar you spend, you earn up to 2% in Futura Rewards. There is a maximum cap of earning $750 in Futura Rewards in a calendar year.

You can choose to use the money to save for your education, put the money aside for retirement or use the money to repay your student loans. You decide how the money is best spent based upon your needs.

With the MasterCard logo, you have the ability to purchase anywhere. This means getting gas, buying groceries and shopping online will all earn you rewards that can be used to help your future in one way or another.

Enjoying Perks Of The Card

There are some great perks of the card. This includes accessing Platinum card benefits and not paying any kind of annual fee.

The platinum card benefits include:

  • Purchase assurance
  • Extended warranty
  • Travel benefits
  • Entertainment assistance

Purchase assurance protects your purchases in the event they are damaged or stolen. When you make an eligible purchase and something happens to the item, you can file a claim with the credit card. The amount you spent on the purchase is then refunded to your account.

An extended warranty is provided at no additional cost. On eligible purchases, a warranty is provided up to one year, protecting more of your purchases. This can save you money because you no longer have to purchase the extended warranty offered by the store. Travel benefits are rewarded when you book travel using your MasterCard. You can enjoy discounts at participating lodges and rental car companies throughout the year. You will also receive travel insurance at no additional cost to you.

Finally, when you need to get access to the best entertainment in and out of Canada, your MasterCard can help. As a platinum cardholder, you can access tickets that haven't gone on sale to the general public.

Utilizing Features Of MasterCard

With the Futura Card, you also get a number of benefits awarded to MasterCard cardholders without spending any additional money. The features you can take advantage of are:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Fraud protection
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Online account management

Customer service operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience. A toll free number is available on the back of your card. You can call and get an automated message to tell you of your account balance and available credit line. There is also the option to talk to a representative live. This allows you to dispute charges, ask questions and confirm card details.

Fraud protection is provided to keep your personal information personal and your card number away from those who wish to spend fraudulently. You will never be liable for charges that you didn't authorize. Additionally, if anything suspicious appears on your account, you will receive a phone call from the bank to confirm the activity.

Customer service is available in multiple languages. You can choose from English, French and Spanish for your convenience. This makes it easy to communicate to representatives in the language you are most comfortable in.

Online account details make it easy to manage your account. You can log in 24/7 at your convenience to get up to the minute account information. Balances, available credit and recent purchases are all available. You can opt for paperless statements and view them on the computer. You can also save postage and make all credit card payments online.


Choosing the Futura Rewards card means choosing benefits that will help you throughout the rest of your life. You can save for retirement and pay down your education all based upon the credit card you have in your wallet. The card is affordable, making it a sensible choice.

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