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The American Express AeroplanPlus card is an AMEX charge card that comes with no annual fee for the first year and a small annual fee for every year after that. This is a card that is packed with a number of benefits, such as supplementary cards being available for free the first year and only being a fraction of the annual fee that is charged to the primary card every year after that.

Some of the highlights of the card include earning bonus Aeroplan Miles after the card is approved and used the first time. From then on, the card earns miles for every purchase made on the card. Double miles can then be earned when purchases are made with any of the many Aeroplan partners.


The rewards are plentiful and extend beyond just flight rewards. The Aeroplan Miles can be redeemed for a number of other things from travel and merchandise to shopping and entertainment. For instance, members can travel to over 1,000 destinations all around the world with Star Alliance Member Airlines and Air Canada. Cardholders can also use ClassicPlus Flight Rewards to choose from Economy or Executive Class seats, which means there are no restrictions when accessing any available seat on Air Canada Express or Air Canada.

In addition to flights, cardholders can redeem their miles for car rentals, hotel stays, merchandise, vacation packages, experiential rewards, and much more. Refer a friend and earn bonus Aeroplan Miles for every person who is approved. In order for the referral to count, they must be someone you personally know and not just anyone that you find. American Express does not state whether or not a referral was approved. Instead, the bonus miles will appear on a future statement.

When it comes to entertainment, there are two types of benefits that cardholders receive. The first is Front Of The Line and the second is Reserved Seating. Front Of The Line allows cardholders to buy tickets to a number of highly sought after events before they are available to the public. The tickets must be purchased within a specified period of time to qualify for this. Cardholders can also choose to sit within American Express's reserved seating. American Express reserves a block of seats at these events so that their cardholders can experience the event from great seats.

Travel Benefits

Because there is special emphasis put on travel by the card, there are some rather generous travel benefits. The first is the Travel Accident Insurance. This insurance covers accidental death and dismemberment for the cardholder, spouse, and any dependent children who are traveling with the group. All travelers must use a common carrier (train, plane, ship, or bus) and the tickets must be charged to the American Express card in order to activate the coverage for that trip. Supplementary cardholders, their spouses, and traveling dependent children are also covered under this benefit.

The second travel benefit is the Travel Emergency Assistance. Cardholders are able to receive emergency medical and legal referrals when out of town. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Shopping Protection

Cardholders have access to two types of shopping coverage. The first is the Buyer's Assurance. This coverage doubles the manufacturer's warranty on a product purchased by the card. How much the warranty doubles is limited, but this further protects the investment. For big-ticket purchases, this can be even more beneficial to you.

The second type of shopping protection is the Purchase Protection Plan. When you purchase an item with the card, it is automatically protected against theft and accidental physical damage. There is no need to register the item because proof of the purchase is on the sales receipt and that transaction is recorded on the card.

Customer Service

In addition to all of these benefits is World Class Service. Because life doesn't have regular office hours, American Express doesn't keep regular hours either. Customer service is available 24/7 to take care of needs of all sizes. For simpler issues, such as balance inquiries, payments, and the tracking of transactions, there is online account management. Cardholders can also set up account alerts so that information regarding the account can be known even when on the go.

And sometimes card information can be compromised. American Express offers the Fraud Protection Guarantee to cardholders so that they are protected against fraudulent charges on their account. Of course, this protection is only extended to those who have exercised care in making sure their card details are protected. Nonetheless, informing American Express of compromised details or fraudulent charges as soon as they occur can further ensure that this protection is in place.

There is also Emergency Card Replacement. This service will help ensure your card is replaced as soon as possible if it is lost or stolen. If you are traveling, arrangements can be made for you to pick up your card at a location along the way, such as having the card delivered to a specific post office or address.


To be eligible for the card, you must be a Canadian resident with a Canadian credit file. You must also be the age of majority for the territory or province you live in. If your annual income is $20,000 or more per year, you meet the income requirements. You must also not have a bankruptcy filing within the past 7 years. Meeting all of these requirements means that you can apply. However, approval is based upon the status of your credit.

Final Word

Because this is a AeroPlan Plus charge card, it is important that you pay the balance in full every month. If the balance is not paid in full, American Express imposes an annual interest rate on the balance. In order to avoid this finance charge, the payment must be received and processed before the next monthly statement comes out. Paying the balance in full each month is almost like paying cash but receiving benefits that cash doesn't give a person when they spend it.

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