Alaska Airlines MasterCard Features

Finally, there is a card that has come along to give you everything you’ve ever wanted. You don't need to choose features because the MasterCard by Alaska Airlines has it all. Free travel, miles with every purchase, protection and much more await you.

You shouldn't have to choose whether you want a card with protection or a card with benefits. This MasterCard gives you both of those. It allows you to earn free travel with every purchase that you make. All of your purchases are protected because you hold a MasterCard in your hand. You also get the latest level of security with chip & pin technology.

Earn Free Flights Easily

You get many ways to earn miles for free flights, including:

  • Lots of miles with first purchase
  • 1 Mile for every dollar spent
  • More miles per dollar on travel purchases

You can get free flights for having so many miles in your Alaska Airlines frequent flyer account. This MasterCard gets you closer to free tickets with each and every purchase you make. Just for opening the account and making a qualifying purchase, you will automatically receive a bundle of miles, which may just be enough to get you somewhere. From there, you can earn one mile for every dollar that you spend. This means groceries, gas and even hotels are all helping you earn travel rewards. When you book travel packages and flights on Alaska Airlines, you earn even more miles per dollar, too.

Security Features

You chose MasterCard for a reason – because it has a lot of protection for you. There is a Zero Liability Policy on the card. This means that you are not liable for purchases made on your account fraudulently. Unfortunately, purchases are made on websites that are not always the most secure. Sometimes, credit card information is taken. Should this happen to you and charges are made on your account without your consent, you will not be liable for them. The same protection is afforded to you if you lose your card or have it stolen.

There is also chip & pin technology, something that Europe has been using for years. It is more secure than just a magnetic swipe and requires a 4 digit pin number that you must enter to complete the purchase. More and more kiosks, vending machines and stores all over the globe are moving to this technology. When your card has this technology, you can always ensure your card will work to buy what you want.

Other Card Benefits

There are a number of other features to this card, which include:

  • Board Room passes
  • Flat fee companion tickets annually
  • Online account management
  • Worldwide usage

Since the Alaska Airlines card is all about travel, you can do so in class. There are Board Room passes given to you so that you and a travel companion can wait for your flight in the ultra exclusive Board Room in participating airports all over the world. You can also cash in on savings with companion tickets annually for a very low flat fee so that you never have to worry about traveling alone. This is given to you as just one of the many benefits of owning the card.

You will get online account management. You can view your account balance, what your available credit is and make statements. You can contact customer service for any inquiries you may have. You can also view what your last purchases have been and download statements. This puts you into control of your expenses so that you can maintain your budget.

Your Alaska Airlines credit card has the MasterCard logo on it. Anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted (which is millions of locations), you can use your card. You can purchase at local stores or online merchants. You can pay at a gas station in Boise or rent a bicycle in Paris. The choices are yours. You can even pull out cash at any ATM around the globe, too.

Final Word

There are a lot of features to the card and you need it to truly understand what a truly amazing card it is. The card can be applied for in a matter of minutes and it can be in your mailbox in under a week. Activate it and see why so many people love the Alaska Airlines MasterCard.

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